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Terms & Conditions

Please carefully read the following for our terms and conditions. You have to agree to our terms and conditions before you use our website and services.

Non warranty repair center

We offer non-warranty repair services for all services. We are not the authorized service centers for any brands or digital products. All the repairs done at our service center are chargeable depending on the type of repair.

Repair quotation

The repair quote you get at our website is an estimate at best based on the information you provide on the website. The actual repair cost may be higher than the quote presented on the website. In case of variations in repair cost, we will contact you through phone or email to get authorization for the new repair quotation.

All services incur minimum charge

We have to examine your device and diagnose the problem before giving you a repair cost. We charge a minimum charge of Rs. 250 for feature phones and Rs. 450 for all smart phones, tablets and laptops. This minimum charge must be paid even if the device is not repaired. This minimal charge must be paid at the time of depositing your handset for the repair.

Turnaround time

In case of part replacement for top brands of devices and normal repair services, our turnaround time is 2-3 hours for walk-in customers. For more severe problems such as motherboard faults, our turnaround time may be 2-3 days or more depending on the severity of the problem.


Our standard 7 day warranty applies for all the service unless otherwise specifically mentioned. Our warranty only applies for our repair services and there will be no warranty in case of physical damage or liquid damage.

If your device becomes faulty under warranty, please bring it back to us with a copy of the receipt. We will investigate the fault and respond within 1 working day. If the problem is related to the repair we did, we will repair further at no additional cost. If the fault is not related to repair work, we will let you know so that you can make a decision. If the problem persists even after our repair work, we will issue a refund. However, we need to inspect the unit to ensure that the fault is caused due to our repair service.


Payment for the repair service must be completed at the time of delivery. We will deliver the repaired device only after you make the full payment. Depending on the type of fault and repair service required, we may ask for a partial payment in advance. We accept cash for individuals and cheque payment for corporate clients. If you want to pay by cheque, then the device will be delivered only after the cheque is cleared.

Mistakes in bills, payments or receipts

While we are very careful in billing and payment, mistakes can happen. If there are discrepancies with bills, payments or receipts, we will do our best to correct the mistakes within 30 days of mutual agreement.

Unpaid repairs

We will wait for a maximum of 30 days after repairing your device for you to make the full payment. We will contact you through phone or email, depending on the information you give while submitting your device. If you don’t make payment within 30 days after repair, we will auction the device to recover our repair cost.


While presenting your device for repair, please remove all accessories, cables, cases and SIM cards. Unless we specifically request you to provide us with an accessory to diagnose the problem, please don’t send your device with accessories. We are not liable for the accessories sent along with the device unless we have specifically requested.

User data

While we take every attempt to protect your data, we can’t be held responsible for data loss. Before submitting your device for repair, ensure that you have taken a complete backup of your data and settings.


We have a complaint resolution system to resolve all the complaints of our clients. Customer satisfaction is of utmost priority for us. If you have any compliant regarding repair service or staff, please don’t hesitate to email us or write to us. On receiving your compliant, we will investigate and take necessary action to ensure customer satisfaction.

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