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iPhone 6 Repair in Delhi NCR

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Distressed about that problem in iPhone 6? The is your saviour!

Is your iPhone 6 broken or not working? Wondering where to go to get that dear Apple iPhone 6 repaired? Cannot trust anyone with such an important gadget? Well, you do have an exciting option. We at is your source for fix any issue with iPhone 6 (such us Power button, Home button, Dock connector, Battery and Water Damage) in Delhi NCR with chances of changing old handsets for new ones. We are specializes in diagnosing, repairing and refurbishing all generations of iPods, iPads and the iPhone.

Well, in case you are not aware, let us inform you that it is best that you check out The to get your Apple Device repaired with professional touch. So, with us, you can get that ideal service and that too at minimal rates.
Want to know more? Well, we provide you a complete and detailed analysis.

Why we are your best option for your iPhone?

General issues of iPhone 6 Solutions that we provide
In case you are having problems regarding the glass case that has cracked and certain internal applications, it is best that a professional hand is consulted. Our expert engineers first study the problem and immediately connect to the owner to update him on the details.
In most cases, it is seen that data is not recovered after servicing of the phone. We try on completing the work on a single day keeping in mind the requirement of these gadgets. In rare cases, more than one day is taken, and the concerned person is informed.
Chances are high that the gadgets associated with the iPhone 6 can require replacement. Our charges in comparison to markets are minimal ranging within INR 99-299 for various gadgets.
Therearise cases when water goes into the phone and the internal memory faces problems regarding that. We provide complete solutions to your problems and update you regarding future issues as well.
With iPhone 6 the major issue that arises is that while the phone is being used suddenly screen freeze happens. We provide software up gradation in order to avoid such issues.
At times occasion arises for replacement of 3D Touchscreen or even various buttons. We deal with such problems diligently.

So, are you still wondering as to what to do with that iPhone 6 of yours?  Check out our testimonials before making a decision regarding The before choosing us! Our team of iPhone Repair Specialist can cure all iPhone faults with great ease, From water damage to broken screens and everything in-between, we can fix it.

Popular Repair Services

List of iPhone 6 Repair in Delhi NCR Offered

Screen Replacement

Repair Time: 10-15 Minutes

Battery Replacement

Repair Time: 10-15 Minutes

Charging Dock Replacement

Repair Time: 10-15 Minutes

Back Glass Replacement

Repair Time: 10-15 Minutes

Camera Replacement

Repair Time: 10-15 Minutes

Frame Replacement

Repair Time: 10-15 Minutes

Headphone Jack Replacement

Repair Time: 10-15 Minutes

Power Button Replacement

Repair Time: 10-15 Minutes

These are just few of the things! You can call us for any issue that you are facing.

iPhone 6 Repair in Delhi NCR

TheApple.Biz is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, and has now fixed over 25,000 broken devices. Our iPhone Repair Experts have assisted thousands of customers and we want to help you. Do not go another day without getting your device fixed. Make an appointment today!


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