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We are often confronted with the same questions over and over. When you have a question please refer to this page. All the most commonly asked questions are answered below. If your question isn’t in the list, please contact us.

(1). Do you provide repair guarantee?
Ans: Yes, we provide standard repair guarantee of 90 days.

(2). How long will you take for device repair?
Ans: We have a standard turnaround time of same day repair. However, if we are very busy, you may have to wait for 24 hours to get back your device after repair.

(3). Do you need my SIM card?
Ans: We don’t need your SIM card for any repair. You can remove your SIM card before giving your device for repair.

(4). Do you provide drop-in service?
Ans: You can drop-in your device at our office during our working hours. We will generally complete your device repair in an hour.

(5). How much do I have to spend for my device repair?
Ans: We can’t really give you a fixed price quote without examining your device first. After identifying the problem with your device, we will call you to give you the cost estimate.

(6). What should I do in case of liquid damage with my phone?
Ans: Please take out the battery immediately and send your phone to us at the earliest. We will take care of it.

(7). Do you provide iPhone unlock?
Ans: Yes we provide unlock for most of the GSM mobile phones including the latest iPhone. Please call us with further details to know how we can assist you.

(8). Do you use Original or OEM Parts?
Ans: Apple is not involved in manufacturing parts. The parts of your Apple devices are manufactured and assembled in outsourced factories in China. We can’t claim that our replacement parts are original or OEM parts. However, all our replacement parts are sourced from reputable suppliers in China and the specifications of our parts are as close to the original as possible. You won’t be able to tell the difference after installing our replacement parts.

(9). What should I send with my device?
Ans: You don’t need to send anything other than just your device. Please remove all accessories, cases and boxes before sending your device to us. We deal with hundreds of devices everyday.

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